Tuesday, April 7, 2009

good free info

wow...ran across this very cool offer today. fitness pro jon benson released a bombshell last week on the fat-burning world. he's giving away a book's worth of material in his free 7-Day Personal Fat Loss Certification Course. yes, it's free, and get this: anyone who completes the course gets his book "The Radical Fatloss Blueprint" free as well. you don't have to buy anything and you get tons of great information from a fat loss authority. pretty cool stuff, to check it out go to: fit365online

here is a short review:

the course is for anyone who wants to become their own "personal" fatloss expert. It is complete with a quiz each day and more material than most people sell in a book... and it's totally free.

after the course, you get his "Radical Fatloss Blueprint" free too. this is all about how he and a group of "guinea pigs" experimented with natural techniques and got up to 21 lbs of unwanted bodyfat off in just 21 days.

the average was 17.5, but some people got as much as 30 lbs off...all with little to no muscle lost. it then outlines the 'exact' workout and supplement "feeding" schedule Jon still uses to get into top shape in 21 days. this is down to the 'hour'... and it includes home workouts or gym workouts. your choice. this is great stuff that i'm enjoying and am excited to share. go here: fit365online

enjoy the course!

todays eats.
m1: egg and egg white omelette w. spinach, green pepper, mushroom, romano cheese, butter
m2: shredded wheat, nf milk, hazelnuts, strawberries
m3: string cheese, bell pepper, celery, baby carrots
m4: protein shake w. banana, berries, nf yogurt, whey and greens powder
m5: curry w. coconut milk, green beans, asparagus, onion, scallops, calamari, brown rice
m6: 2 ak mak crackers w. peanut butter
m7: big ole salad


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